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Residents refer to Pacific Beach as P.B. Once a hotspot for the adventuresome young, today Pacific Beach is home to much older folk who have built their own houses or purchased one already standing. In either case, they look to San Diego Concrete Company for dependable construction in concrete, natural stone, or brick.

There’s a reason for San Diego Concrete Company’s record of dependability. It begins with a solid foundation of satisfied customers and continues throughout each project with experienced management and labor personnel who have worked together in the past.

Helen, an elderly lady down the street from us on Bayard, proves that San Diego Concrete Company equals satisfaction. Recently widowed, she lived in a home completed by us and was so pleased with the work that she asked us to remodel her kitchen. The job began in the fall and didn’t end until we had installed new cabinets, counters, appliances, and flooring. Even though we were hampered by unseasonably cold weather that kept the concrete from curing properly, all this was completed. In the end, she was pleased with our work and came back to us for a patio we poured behind her garage.

It’s little stories like this — where we’ve made friends because of our dependability — that keep San Diego Concrete Company coming back year after year. We know there’s no substitute for repeat business.

Our goal is to stand behind every job we do in concrete, natural stone, or brick. If a client needs a patio or a walkway repaired, we’ll come back and fix it at no charge. All our work carries a guarantee that you’ll be satisfied.

In business for many years now, San Diego Concrete Company has been owned and operated by those who care, and we take pride in our work. After all, it isn’t every day that a person builds a home or puts in a patio or pool that can be enjoyed for years to come. That’s why our goal is always to have satisfied customers who return to us when it’s time for another project.

Are you looking to get a new Pacific Beach pool deck built? Or how about concrete services in Pacific Beach? Things like this are no hassle for us, and you can hire San Diego Concrete Company with complete confidence.

Our Pacific Beach location makes it easy for us to come right out to your home or business at almost any time. We employ our crews, which means if you need a job done now, we’ll be there. And San Diego Concrete Company doesn’t subcontract, which means our work is guaranteed.

If you’re in the market to construct a new custom home or commercial building, or if you just want to build a new patio or install a pool deck, give us a call and ask about our free estimates. We normally get things pretty close, and you’ll find our prices will fit your budget. We give our estimates on a per-project basis, not by the hour. And you can be sure that if you hire San Diego Concrete Company for one of your projects, it will be finished on time.

So whether it’s construction in concrete, natural stone masonry or brick masonry, or any other type of masonry work you need, please give us a call at (619) 940-1580.

We serve all of Pacific Beach, including Mission Beach, and we’re looking forward to working for you!

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