San Diego Concrete Pouring

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Pouring concrete is one of the most common tasks for a contractor. While it seems like an easy job, there are many things to consider before beginning this task, such as the type of concrete, size, and dimensions of the area to be poured, and how much water needs to be added. One mistake can ruin hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of materials and labor. There are also other considerations; for example, if you’re pouring in a cold climate, you need to add more water than in a warm climate because the colder temperature will cause the mixture to set up faster, leading to cracking.

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The Best Concrete Pouring in San Diego, California

Concrete pouring is a necessary process for every San Diego homeowner. Concrete can be used as a foundation for homes, sidewalks, patios, and more. When it comes to concrete pours in San Diego, you should hire the best company possible- that’s us! Here at San Diego Concrete Company, we have been serving the needs of homeowners throughout San Diego for many years. If you need poured concrete in your home or on your property, call us today! We offer free estimates and same-day service so give us a call now at 619-940-1580! 

The right choice when hiring a contractor is essential to getting high-quality work done on time and within budget. Hiring San Diego Concrete Company will ensure that you get top-notch poured concrete with experienced technicians who take pride in their work. As concrete pours can be tricky, you want to make sure that all the concrete is poured correctly and there are no defects or problems with your concrete after it has been poured. Here at San Diego Concrete Company, we will ensure that everything goes smoothly from start to finish- give us a call today!

Types of Concrete Pour

There are three types of concrete that you should consider for your pour: ready mix concrete, wet concrete, and dry concrete.

Ready-Mix Concrete

This is what most people think about when they think about poured concrete as it is the easiest to obtain as well as being readily available at many building supply stores. This type of concrete comes in a large truck with a mixing drum inside, which will automatically add water before dispensing the mixture into waiting wheelbarrows or skid steers, allowing you to work hands-free.

Wet Concrete

Wet concrete is a more watery mixture than ready-mix concrete, and it may require the use of temporary dams to keep the concrete in place while still allowing room for spreading. This type of concrete mustn’t get too thick, or else it will lose workability, leading to cracking later on down the road.

Dry Concrete

This concrete can be used right away without any mixing required as long as enough aggregate is included within the mixture; however, if you want wet concrete, you’ll need to add some sort of liquid such as plain water or seawater (if your project needs marine conditions). If no liquid is added, dry concrete cannot be worked once placed and must remain undisturbed until it cures.

San Diego Concrete Company can assist you with concrete pours of any type so give us a call today! Whether you need wet concrete or dry concrete, we are here to help and provide top-quality service for your poured concrete project. Give us a call now at (619) 940-1580!

Hire San Diego Concrete Company

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