Poway Concrete Company

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Poway, “The City In The Country,” has been expanding since 1980. That means concrete construction in this area has been going strong for some 40 years. San Diego Concrete Company has been involved in commercial, industrial, and residential construction projects for much of that time.

“We have been well known to the people in this area for many years,” says the owner and CEO of San Diego Concrete Company. “It’s a pleasure to be able to build something for your neighbors.”

San Diego Concrete Company is one of San Diego County’s oldest companies serving construction needs with quality ready mix concrete, delivery, and placement as well as prestressed post-tension beams.

Masonry in Brick, Concrete, and Natural Stone

The company has been providing concrete services in Poway since the 1990s with a modern mix plant that meets specifications for deliveries within a 50-mile radius. “We have a great staff,” the owner said. “They are hard-working, and they provide the kind of service we can be proud of.”

San Diego Concrete Company is unique in that it features a special program designed to serve the low volume purchaser. “There are many projects that only require a few yards of concrete. We have been able to help out these customers by offering them a low price per yard, with no extra charge for the service.”

In addition to ready-mix concrete, the owner tells us, “We can also supply a complete line of concrete building products, including bricks, paving blocks, and landscaping timbers. We even have a pre-fabrication yard where we can fabricate items such as custom curbing.”

We build in concrete, brick, and natural stone. This gives us, and our customers, a wide range of styles that can be used in an endless number of combinations.

“We can provide our customers with the lot ready for their new home,” the owner said proudly, “or we can help them build a custom home on one of our lots.”

When asked about other services offered, he commented that they are happy to do all kinds of restoration work, including pool decks, patios, and walkways.

One of the things that makes a project a success is timing. We can schedule projects in a way that does not interfere with our regular commercial or industrial work.

The Most Successful Concrete Company

San Diego Concrete Company has been doing business for a long time. That means they have seen it all when it comes to new construction methods and materials. The quality and methods we use on all our projects are the first rates. We want you to be pleased with the results.

And pleased people are. We get compliments all the time about the curb appeal of our work. In the backyards, customers are always happy with block walls, wood-stamped concrete, and brick fireplaces. We also build outdoor kitchens, granite countertops, and stone walkways.

You can see the great work we do all over San Diego County. That’s because we love the area and have not stopped growing with it.

And that is good news for the people of San Diego County who need concrete, brick, or natural stone work done, small or large, residential or commercial.

Please call us for a quote. We think you’ll agree that we offer great value at a very fair price. You can reach us at (619) 940-1580.

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